Consultants for New Market Investigations, company development, Financial Services and Marketing

SigBizInfo is a marketing consultancy. Specialities include marketing investigation for new products, strategy for developing companies, planning and training. The company was first formed to provide an online database of news and information to the financial services sector with the name deriving from Significant Biziness Information. Training has been provided by SigBizInfo on a range of topics from banking and card regulation through to the effective use of Social Networking.

SigBizInfo has worked for start up pharma concerns, venture capital companies, the IT sector and a diverse range of small to mid-sized companies in addition to the financial services sector.

Andy Miller heads the company. Andy is a post-graduate in marketing and has worked for Access, Standard Chartered Bank (and subsidiaries), Avco Trust and Norwich Union. Andy went on to form his first company, FutureVantage GmbH, based in Switzerland in 1997.

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